The Power Of A Smile


No one truly knows if it takes more or less energy and the use of more or less muscles to smile than to frown. But in truth, does it really matter? What is of genuine importance is the emotional, mental and physical impact of smiling.

Seems to me, in my own on-the-spot first hand study that when I make myself frown, my mouth, jaw and chin feel rather heavy and quite responsive to the down pull of gravity. My chest feels a bit leaden as well as my stomach muscles tighten gently.

Not as I turn my countenance into a smiling one, all my facial muscles seem happy and ready to turn upward. I can feel my eyes crinkling and imagine them twinkling from the fun ride up of the surrounding muscles. This makes me smile even more broadly. And I am noticing that the more broadly I smile, the wider my mouth opens, allowing me to breath more deeply. My chest seems to expand with the act of smiling and my stomach seems to relax with a tad of abandon. All good.

Just know that whether you approach the practice of smiling from a spiritual or a scientific perspective, you will be truly doing yourself and others a world of good!

Next, I take my smiling out onto a busy Manhattan street and begin smiling at those I am passing by. The results are quite rewarding. I smile impulsively pleasantly and good-naturedly at others, and suddenly they light up and smile right back at me.

A happy exchange of energy and good feeling as well! Especially, when one considers that our own natural electro-magnetic fields extend out from our bodies a significant number of feet. The energy extending off all of us smiling at one another is permeating across energy fields and sending out positive energy even to those who are not the direct recipient of a smile.

But the absolute best smile of all is the smile that emanates from within a smiling heart! To smile from your heart, let your face smile broadly and happily as your mind celebrates happy thoughts, thoughts of gratitude, kindness, compassion, love, the beauty that brings delight. You will know when you are truly smiling outward from deep within your heart.

The feeling experienced when doing so is completely expansive, extending through your entire being, bringing with it a great sense of peace, calm and deeply felt inner joy, all uplifting your entire spirit. The power of smiling from your heart strongly radiates outward and brightens the spirits of others with whom you are connecting.

Perhaps the best example of this is the contagion of an infant’s smile. It is almost impossible to not smile back whenever an infant smiles, so powerful is the energy that radiates from their guileless smile. An infant’s smile is neither generated from social nor logical responsiveness, but from deep within the heart, originating wholly from the emotional experience of inherent joy.

Scientific research has been helpful in validating the power of the smile. We are vibratory beings composed of electro-magnetic energy. Electromagnetically charged ions flow in and out of our cells and transmit electrical impulses through the cell membranes. The energy produced by these electromagnetic charges has been measured as it extends outward from the human body.

The brain has always been considered a major area of elector-magnetic energy as it sends signals throughout the body directing our functioning and thought processes. Recent research in the field of neurocardiology now shows that the heart is a more complex system than originally thought.

It shows that the heart’s nervous system enables the heart to learn, remember and make functional decisions independent of the brain. More significantly, it has been discovered that the signals the brain receives from the heart influence the functioning of those of our higher brain centers which govern perception, cognition and emotional processing.

The heart also, by means of electromagnetic interactions, communicates information to the brain and throughout the body. This is in addition communicating with the brain by way of our neurological network.

The heart’s electromagnetic field when compared to the electromagnetic field generated by the brain has been shown to be around 60 times greater in amplitude and permeates every cell in the body. This translates to a magnetic component that is 5,000 times stronger than that of our brain and one that can actually be measured at a distance of several feet away from the body.

Here’s the best part, research has further demonstrated that when we maintain sustained positive emotions, the heart’s rhythms and electromagnetic field create a psychological mode calming the interior dialogue of our minds, reducing the sense of stress, heightening emotional balance, enhancing mental clarity, increasing intuitive discernment. On the physical level, the functions and interactions of the body experience do so with increased efficiency and harmony. Maintaining positive emotions has our minds and bodies functioning optimally.

Add to this the experiments providing evidence that an exchange of heart energy has been measured between people who are at a distance of up to 5 feet apart from one another, showing a person’s brain waves can actually synchronize another’s heart.

This energetic exchange of heart energy can serve as a form of communication, imparting knowledge and increasing understanding, empathy and connection between people.

Does anything more need be said about the value of smiling and moreover, smiling from the heart? Just know that whether you approach the practice of smiling from a spiritual or a scientific perspective, you will be truly doing yourself and others a world of good!

Spread your smiles; send them out into the world wonderfully charged by the powerful energy of your smiling heart and find yourself beneficially influencing and enhancing human interaction, grin by grin.