What is Wand How does it help in Dentistry?

What is Wand How does it help in Dentistry?


What is a WAND?

The Wand is computer-assisted anesthetic equipment that allows dentists to inject patients with less discomfort and more controlled numbness in the treatment area. When the flow of anesthetic is administered into the gums too quickly, patients may experience a stinging discomfort. The Wand has three speeds that manage the flow rate of each type of injection and offer perfect anesthetic control and pressure. This technology can help patients feel more at ease throughout a dental operation by reducing the pain of injections.

How WAND does it work?

It is a digital device that gives accurate local anesthesia without the pain and fear of a dental needle or the discomfort associated with the consequences of severe numbing. It is a pain-free alternative to the standard dental injection. Local anesthesia is traditionally injected with a needle and numbs the entire side of the face, making it difficult to talk and eat following treatment, as well as causing post-operative stress or risks of (soft tissue damage) biting lips or cheeks. The Wand is altering all of that, thanks to an automated, sensor-controlled probe that only numbs the tooth that has to be treated. 

This innovative technology for dental sedation recognizes Intra-ligament tissue, allowing the dentist to precisely locate the injection site. It is a type of single tooth anesthetic (STA) that does not numb the whole mouth as regular injections do. Patients should feel more at ease, have less discomfort, and have less worry during the treatment with The Wand.

Benefits of the WAND

Following are some of the benefits of the wand:

  • The Wand features a pen-like form and grip that enables easier and more precise manipulation so that your dentist can give anesthetics in difficult-to-reach areas.
  • It eliminates the necessity for a standard needle.  The Wand helps reduce any anxiety about dental injections. 
  • It is quite accurate.
  • The exact control of the Wand makes the entire numbing treatment less uncomfortable.
  • It simply numbs the tooth that has to be treated. Patients will not feel numb over their faces as they would with a typical anesthetic, so they won\’t risk injuring their mouth by accident.
  • It is immediately effective. 
  • The passage of the anesthetic into your gum tissue, not the needle, is the source of most injection discomfort. For a pleasant injection, The Wand delivers the anesthetic at an ideal flow rate straight into The Wand handpiece. This produces an anesthetic route, so the patient doesn\’t feel anything at all.


The wand is a simple and reliable method for pain-free and minimal palatal, labial, anterior, and posterior anesthesia. Moreover, cross-infection management is straightforward, and re-sheathing is quite successful at reducing the risk of needle stick injury. It has proven to be a very cost-effective method of decreasing the need for sedation and GA.  

Although for various reasons, dentists prefer to continue using traditional syringes, which are adequate for the vast majority of the patients. However, finding a dentist who employs The Wand, on the other hand, can assist dental phobic patients to control their fears and proceed with their dental treatment with ease. Dentists that use the Wand as their primary injection technique are frequently specialists in treating anxious, apprehensive, or phobic patients. The point is that the Wand will just be part of their treatment; they may be able to provide you with additional ideas, tools, or treatment methods to assist you to manage your phobia.

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