3D Implant Dentistry Procedure

3D Implant Dentistry Procedure


Dentistry has progressed so much over time across all sides of the world. In the United Arab Emirates, for instance, quite several dental clinics has emerged, and finest groups have come out with new advanced technologies.

Vision Dental Clinic, for instance is one of the top listed implant treatment midpoints in the UAE. We put exceptional oral health as our top priority. In this time where everything is fast-phased and advanced, our vision is to use digital 3D technology not only in the sole field of implant but in the whole arena of general dentistry. With the constant and strong race in the market, our mission is to provide you with enhanced skill, professionalism, and dental care treatments designed according to high-quality standards.

Dr. Hussien Tahoun, Maxillofacial and Implantology
Consultant in Abu Dhabi

Vision Dental Clinic is a group of specialists dedicated to excellence in dentistry. Our maxillofacial and implantology consultant, Doctor Tahoun is one of the most admirable doctors in the house. He sees each case uniquely and treats as an individual masterpiece. Feel free to book a consultation with Doctor Tahoun to discuss about the best and cost-effective options accordingly to your requirement.

3D Implant Planning Stage

Multiple procedures will be done during a dental implant. Different types of dental specialists will help in making this method viable and successful.  At Vision Dental Clinic, each patient is initially being seen by a General Practitioner. During this stage, all clinical and panoramic assessments will be arranged. Accordingly, each essential general dental treatment will be performed. 3D scanning and imaging of your mouth and jaw will then be accomplished to determine whether you have enough healthy jawbone to hold the implant. Your doctor will discuss the general guidelines of your construction plan at this point. A portable document format containing your 3D planning will then be handed over to you for your approval ensuring that you agree before the procedure starts.

Smooth and Easy Implant Surgery

Getting a dental implant done is not an overnight process; however, we at Vision Dental Clinic ensure a smooth but fast journey for you. It is usually an outpatient procedure and with the advanced technology that we use, we get your implant done in 10 minutes instead of 1 hour. As your comfort is our top priority, you will be under a local or general anesthesia, depending on your case to guarantee a painless and easy surgery for you. Kindly feel free to talk to us about your dental implant options. We at Vision Dental Clinic value your smile and we care about you. 

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