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Dental health is one of the major pieces in ones’ overall health. Notwithstanding the age, the gender, or perhaps the socioeconomical status of a person, the condition of his oral health has a huge aftermath on his health. In fact, most of the periodontal diseases such as gum disease and even tooth decays are found to be linked to some serious health complications such as heart attack, stroke, and infection. With this having said, it is a fact that as a person gets older, the risk of having oral health problems also becomes higher. According to study, 27% of people over the age of 65 are suffering from a condition called Edentulism, or tooth lessness. This condition impacts on the quality of a person’s life, his self-image, and his daily functioning. The caregivers or caretakers, therefore, play an essential role in ensuring that the seniors living in assisted communities have access to all necessary and affordable dental needs to avoid any periodontal diseases that may lead to more severe complications. Having a good oral health also helps seniors eat better; hence enjoy their diet while getting the proper nutrition that they need.


Regular Dental Appointment

In general, regular appointments with a dentist is essential amongst all ages; however, it is most needed and crucial when advancing age. Aging puts seniors at risk for several oral health problems. Tooth decay is one of the most common one among the many. This is when the gum tissue recedes from the tooth and the tooth root becomes exposed to decay-causing-acids. This is exactly why regular check-ups are required. The aim is to detect an issue the earliest time possible and get it treated in the best way an oral specialist or hygienist could. Preventive medicine is far better and often cheaper than cures, as what they say. This is also where major insurance providers, by covering these check-ups including required examinations and medications.

During biannual examinations, a dentist will begin by examining your teeth. You will then receive a dental cleaning wherein any plaques or tartar accumulation will be eradicated. This alone will prevent the occurrence of periodontal diseases. Teeth flossing will also be done so that the tight spaces and grooves that are hard to reach when brushing will be cleaned properly. Diagnostic works such as imaging will also be required to detect any tooth decays and other oral problems at an early stage, allowing your dentist to treat them before they become severe. Lastly, oral cancer screening has also become part of the procedures.

Maintaining A Good Dental Hygiene

As what has always been highlighted, maintaining a good hygiene such as brushing twice a day and flossing once a day to remove plaque build-up in between teeth is most important. Caretakers should brush the teeth, gums, and tongue of those who cannot perform routine oral hygiene gently with a fluoridated toothpaste. Caretakers should also be aware and well-informed how to maintain a healthy diet for their seniors. A good example is a diet that is low in sugar that prevents cavities. In addition, caretakers should also be creative enough to implement varieties of programs that help seniors quit smoking. This does not only prevent oral cavities, but many to mention health problems.

What is Edentulism

We have discussed that Edentulism, or tooth lessness whether partial or complete, is common among people over the age of 65. This condition is caused by several factors such as periodontal disease, decay, or perhaps an injury. With everything that is advancing in this modern age, myriad enhanced selections for replacing teeth have been presented and proven as reliable and work well to give confidence to those people affected by Edentulism.  Dental implants and dentures are always the first options to rebuild someone’s smile. You can think of dental implants as artificial tooth roots that bond with your natural bone; hence they recreate the appearance and function of your natural teeth. According to study, dental implant surgery is one of the safest procedures in dentistry. Dentures, on the other hand, is the most common for it is more cost effective and is usually covered under insurance providers. One thing that we must emphasize is that when you opt in using a denture, you must regularly get it adjusted and replaced if needed to adapt naturally with the frequent changes happening in your jaws and gums over time.

At assisted living and personal care homes, seniors have high dependency on every affordable and accessible dental care they could get. With all the proper care from trained staffs, regular, preventive, and restorative check-ups, and necessary prosthodontic treatments, our seniors can enjoy the healthiest and beautiful smiles they deserve.

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