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When you put time and effort into taking good care of your teeth, you benefit from better dental health, as well as better health overall. If your teeth are healthy but they look drab or yellow, their appearance does not reflect the time you have spent on good oral hygiene and professional dental care. Fortunately, modern whitening procedures are more advanced and streamlined than ever.

The team at Vision Dental Clinic is always happy to help you with all of your dental care needs, whether they involve general dentistry or a cosmetic dentistry treatment. We are proud to offer the NANO Teeth Whitening Procedure.


You may know that there are plenty of whitening treatments on the market. Some can be done at home, and others are performed in a dental office. We believe that NANO whitening offers an impressive array of advantages, which is why we recommend and provide it to our dental patients.

These are some of the main benefits associated with the NANO Teeth whitening procedure:

Time Efficiency: The NANO Teeth Whitening Treatment can be done in a remarkably short period of time. Typically, your entire appointment will take less than an hour from start to finish. You do not need to endure a long session that consumes half of your day. Instead, you will experience noticeable results in less time than it takes many people to commute to work. The time involved is also much less intensive than other whitening treatments, which can take weeks of daily sessions to implement.

Pain-Free: You might experience a little tooth sensitivity during treatment, but even if you do, this sensitivity does not generally last after the procedure. NANO whitening is essentially a pain-free treatment.

Safe: Unlike traditional laser whitening, your exposure to infrared light is very limited. Only the teeth are exposed during NANO session, and everything else is covered. This helps to protect the other tissue in your mouth from UVA and UVB rays, so you do not need to worry about suffering a burn or other damage. The teeth themselves are not harmed by their exposure to this light.

Powerful Results: You will see the results of this treatment after your first session. NANO can dramatically increase the brightness of your smile. Additionally, the results last much longer than those experienced with other whitening products, so you will not have to repeat the procedure often.


When you are ready to schedule your NANO whitening treatment, talk to your dentist at Vision Dental Clinic. Our staff are experienced and highly qualified to perform this kind of treatment. We will discuss the steps involved with this popular cosmetic dentistry procedure, as well as the kind of aftercare you should expect. Once you see how fast, easy, and painless this treatment is, you will probably not want to use other whitening products on your teeth again.

Book an appointment for NANO Teeth whitening today. Call Vision Dental Clinic at 052 999 2283, or contact us online today.

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