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What Are Tooth Stains? How We Get It? How We Can Avoid It?

Tooth stains are an unfortunate side effect of our consumption of some food and beverages that are highly pigmented, sugary, and high in acid content. Acidic juices, colas, chocolates, and coffee are just some of the many to mention items that we eat and drink on a regular basis that cause tooth stains. To avoid tooth staining, it is highly proposed that we lessen the consumption of these substances. Alternatively, we can also sip through a straw to prevent staining our teeth as the stain-causing beverage does not pass through our front teeth. We can simply keep a clean reusable straw handy.


Consume Healthy Food

In addition, we also have some known cures from the kitchen and are surprisingly proven to be effective as per studies. Foods that are high-fiber such as green leafy vegetables and apples are tested and found to be beneficial for our oral health as they give a boost to the saliva production. We all know that high-fiber foods require some healthy chewing. And as we crunch on these substances, we also stimulate the production of saliva. Saliva, with its
natural antibacterial will then fight the bacteria that cause tooth decays and gum diseases.

Stop Smoking

Another practice and is considered one of the best practices to avoid tooth stains is smoking/tobacco cessation. Without further ado, should you decide to quit puffing on cigarettes.

Brushing Regularly

Brushing after every meal has always been a good and basic practice. Brushing in a circular motion, and not back and forth is recommended. Using a whitening toothpaste is also an excellent idea to get that slightly brighter after brushing effect. Lastly, flossing once a day is the key to remove those tiny food particles that can get stuck in between teeth.

Schedule Appointment with Your Dentist

Along with the above-mentioned practices, scheduling an appointment with a dentist should always be in our list. Preventing future dental problems is one thing. Education on proper dental hygiene is also another thing. But the assistance that we get with any related and recent issues is the best part of seeing a dentist at least once every six months. If there is any teeth discoloration due to any treatments of a medical condition, that will also be
instantly prevented during our routine check-up.

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