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Taking Care of Your Oral Health After a Dental Check-up

We are pleased that you have completed your dental check-up with us. As your journey in having and maintaining a good and healthy oral health does not end here, we want to ensure that you still get to take good care of your gums and teeth even after consultation with us. And as we aim to put a life to our patients’ smile, here are some simple steps that will help prevent oral problems such as gum disease, toothache, and decay. Brushing. This is the most basic among the rest.

Tooth Brushing

Brushing your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste is always a must. Your toothbrush should also have soft filaments and ensure that you replace it once the bristles become frayed. You may also use an electric toothbrush.

Dental Flossing

Flossing. According to most dentists, brushing alone removes only 60% of bacteria. The other 40% can be removed by flossing. Flossing helps to prevent the build-up of plaque, which can lead to tartar. It is important to ensure that all particles stuck in between your teeth are removed. Pairing your flossing routine with every after brushing your teeth can further promote healthy gums and teeth.

Stop smoking

Apart from the noticeable effects of smoking such as stained teeth, bad breath, discolored tongue, smokers are more likely to develop gum disease or periodontal disease. This can eventually cause teeth to fall out, gums to loosen around teeth, irritate the gum tissue, and decays. Moreover, smoking compromises your immune system, leading to weakened defenses against gum infections and oral diseases. Smoking, in general, is harmful to your overall health.

Book Your Regular Check-up Every 6 Months

Be alert. While we look forward to having you again during your dental check-up, which is every 6 months ideally, we strongly suggest to that you immediately call us and book an appointment once you feel any sensitivity to hot and cold, tooth pain, dry mouth, etc. Bad breath and bleeding gums are also indications of a dental problem. Do not wait it out as we at Vision Dental Clinic Abu Dhabi are here to help you in the most efficient and effective way possible to ensure that your good oral health is maintained. You may also follow us on social media channels. Stay tuned as we are always working on cool new trends and promotions that are incredibly cost-effective and will enrich your experience as we keep your gums and teeth healthy.

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