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You Have 3 Options for Replacing a Lost Tooth

Unless you’re five, losing a tooth is never a happy affair. Once your adult teeth grow in, you shouldn’t be losing teeth – and you certainly won’t get any new ones if they do fall out or are knocked out by an accident. Without a new tooth growing in behind the missing tooth, you will need to look at some other options besides just keeping a gaping hole in your smile.

You will need to talk with an experienced to understand the best option for your particular circumstances. However, here are three options you will likely want to consider:

Dental Implant

Dental implants are the preferred choice for many who have missing teeth. Dental implants look and act just like your natural teeth since they are permanently attached directly to the jawbone. You can have one dental implant attached at a time, or you can receive several.


The advantage of dental implants is that they look natural, they are reliable, and they act just like your real teeth. You don’t have to worry about the tooth coming loose or moving out of place, and you can confidently eat whatever you want. You need only brush and floss your teeth like normal to take care of the implant.

Dental implants also have a reduced risk of gum disease when compared to other options, such as a bridge. Implants do not compromise the health of the gums or nearby teeth.

The downside to an implant is that it is more expensive than some other options. However, the cost is well worth it to many over time since the implant is more durable. The other downside to an implant for many is that it requires minor surgery. That means that you will have a little healing and down time after getting it.

Fixed Partial Denture

You don’t need to be an old person to wear dentures. Many people partial dentures to replace a few missing teeth. These partials are sometimes called a “fixed bridge” also, and they rely on the two teeth surrounding the missing tooth (or teeth) to anchor the unit.

The advantages of a fixed partial denture are that it also looks and acts like natural teeth in many ways and that it is less expensive than an implant. You also don’t have to wait as long to get it since you don’t have to get surgery – you just have to have a mold taken of your mouth.

The major disadvantage to the fixed bridge is that it can damage the surrounding teeth and the jawbone. Over time, it can wear on the teeth and bones, causing decay and damage. You may then have to get even more teeth replaced or have more dental surgery.

Removable Partial Denture


A removable partial denture is built in much the same way as a fixed bridge, but instead of being permanently attached to the surrounding teeth, it has a couple of metal clasps to hold onto the teeth and keep it in place.

Of the three options, the removable partial denture is the least expensive. However, it also contributes to the greatest susceptibility to tooth decay and gum disease. Over time, the jawbone may deteriorate and the surrounding teeth usually become loose, creating additional problems.

Many people also find the removable partial denture to be uncomfortable and to not offer consistent performance. It can feel loose at times or just not fit right, and that will make your mouth uncomfortable or make it harder to eat.

The only way to know the right option for you is to talk to your dentist about the ways that each will specifically affect your dental situation. However, in most cases, most people find that dental implants offer the most advantages and are well-worth the minor surgery and additional upfront expense.

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