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Wedding Photo Tips – Smile!

Wedding Photo Tips

Wedding photo tips are usually about angles and lighting but your smile is the most important part of the picture!  Here’s some wedding photo tips from your dentist, for looking your best in those all-important photographs!

Lippy on the teeth – no we’re NOT kidding

Clear lip gloss or Vaseline on your front teeth will make your teeth shine on camera.  Back in the day, it was the hot tip of Hollywood actresses and directors!  Apply a very small amount to your front teeth and you’ll be sparkling!

Wedding photo angles for wonky teeth

See our bride above? She’s got an imperfect smile! You need to look very closely to tell though, don’t you?  She has a crooked tooth right in the front.  If it’s too late to get some straightening work done, speak to your photographer for tips on beautiful images taken from your best angle!


Bright in a sea of white!

A big tip for wedding day photos is about colour. If you’re wearing a white dress, your smile may come off as “yellow” if you’re not careful.  If you’re planning on wearing white, off-white or a pale cream, consider having a Zoom Teeth Whitening treatment before your big day.  Best of all, it’s quick because we know that brides don’t have much time!  If money is an issue (who knew a wedding could be SO expensive!) consider asking mum and dad for a dental gift voucher, or check out our easy dental payment plans.

Lipstick, Flowers, Teeth, Dress

Wedding photo tips are often about colour and your smile is no exception! Your photographer will be keen to get those bold matching colours together.  If you’re planning on a white dress and white teeth, be sure to choose lipstick and flowers that also match perfectly (or compliment beautifully).  Wedding photos tend to be about black suits and white dresses so every colour will leap from the image.


Smile even though your feet hurt

Yes, you’ll be photographed for at least an hour.  During that hour, your feet will hurt, you’ll be thirsty, it’s Brisbane so you’ll be hot…. meanwhile, your guests will be drinking champers and talking about how beautiful you are.  You might be dying to get back to the party and celebrate your future together.  To make the process easier, carry water, lipstick, powder, a fold out fan and even some band-aids with you.  When the photographer says smile, think about your fabulous future together, not the pain in your toes!

Smile from the heart

If you’ve got wonky or discolored teeth, you might find yourself covering your face when you smile.  You may even feel like your smile could ruin your wedding photos.  Teeth straightening is no longer the about big metal grids.  Adult teeth straightening usually takes about a year (about the time it takes to organised a wedding!) and is practically invisible.  Similarly, cosmetic crowns and veneers can correct problems quickly so your smile reflects what’s in your heart, not in your mouth!

Your gorgeous groom!

That gorgeous gap, that footy-playing-chip, the coffee colored smile… yep, he’s gorgeous but maybe his teeth aren’t.  It’s not always easy to get a bloke to take care of himself and your wedding is the perfect time to get him to the dentist.  If he’s like most blokes, he’s already conditioned to do as you say when it comes to wedding day plans (and rightly so!)  Sending your bloke for a check up and a few basic cosmetic treatments isn’t just a wedding day photo tip, it’s about a healthy start to the marriage (and a drama free honeymoon too).  And, if you check in with us first, we can also perform a bad breath analysis on his mouth – so you can learn to LOVE those morning breath kisses!

First comes love, then comes marriage…

If you’re excited about the next stage involving baby carriages, then now is the right time to get your teeth checked.  Many women experience dental problems in pregnancy (there’s even an old saying about “grow a baby lose a tooth) but several key dental treatments are risky to unborn babies.  Getting a dental check up before you fall pregnant is vital for a healthy pregnancy.  Just saying, after all, honeymoons are terribly romantic….

Help from Dr. Hussein Tahoun

The most important of all wedding photo tips?  Get a 100% free smile assessment from Dr. Hussein Tahoun.  We’ll help you plan to be your most beautiful on your wedding day.

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