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Living in an era that is technology-driven is an advantage. Over time, healthcare has gone through so much progress and this is lengthened to the overall oral healthcare. Everything has become at your fingertips. Extraction of a damaged tooth, for example has become easier and replacement of a missing tooth is now so advanced that dental implant has been introduced as a welcome alternative to some dental procedures such as dentures. But what exactly is a dental implant? Why is it so beneficial? How does a dental implant surgery work? And how much this procedure costs?

One of The Best Option for Tooth Replacement

An artificial tooth root that is placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or even bridge is the simplest definition of a dental implant, I must say. This procedure is one of the best options for people who have lost tooth or teeth due to myriad reasons such as accident, aging perhaps, decay, extractions, or even periodontal diseases such as gum disease. According to surveys, since its advancement, more and more people have started exploring their options with dental implants.

Hesitant? Consult a Dentist in Abu Dhabi

While dental implant is one of the most recommended procedures when it comes to replacement of missing tooth, some people are still hesitant and timid in opting into this advanced technology merely because of the cost. As dental implants vary from case to case, the cost also differs. Every patient has different needs and requires unique treatment plan. Therefore, it is strongly suggested to see a dentist and a periodontist, get an evaluation, and an estimate. These two will work together to make your dreams come true. But it is important that you ask a lot of questions during your consultation.

What are included in Dental Implant Procedure Price in Abu Dhabi?

That being said, you must know what is included in the whole procedure. The price should include a crown, abutment, and immediate provisional load. You may also have to ask if extraction if necessary, bone augmentation, and soft tissue treatment is involved in the package. Ensure that there are no hidden charges. Remember, it will be more costly when you end up getting a poor-quality dental implant as you may have to get a ‘redo’. During the question-and-answer portion between you and your provider, you also want to ask for the available payment options and terms for you. Most of the providers have specific credit institution or perhaps an in-house financing for higher cost procedures such as dental implants. This procedure is one of your milestones to getting that perfect and healthy smile; hence, being slow, thorough, but certain is always best recommended.

Long Term Cost Effective

As the procedure itself is quite enhanced and sophisticated, people are often under the wrong notion that a dental implant surgery is costly compared to other conventional alternatives. On the contrary, this procedure is low-priced as you do not need to replace, fix or get a redo every certain period. Traditional dentures, for example, require replacement every 2-3 years.  Dental implant is considered as an investment that can even last a lifetime, as they say.

 Having said this, you want to work with the best group of professionals to ensure that what you get is the highest quality that will not let you down after some time. One of the best keys is you must work with a top-level provider. Beware of false advertisements. Reading reviews before contacting the provider, meeting the dentist, and asking to have a consultation and an evaluation is a must. In layman’s terms, shop around before making your decision.  Once decision is made, get ready to embark on your dental implant journey and experience a drastic improvement in your life and happiness.

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