all about root canal treatment in abu dhabi

All About Root Canal Treatment


Root canal is a painful and nasty word. Everyone’s knees shake the moment we hear this word. But what exactly a root canal treatment is? How is the treatment being done? And the last but not the least question is, what are the benefits?

Root Canal Treatment and It’s Procedure

A dental treatment for removing infection from inside the tooth. A dental procedure being carried out in the soft centre or the pulp of the tooth, which is the root canal. Also known as endodontic therapy, being performed by a general dentist or endodontist under a local anaesthesia. This is how root canal treatment is being defined.


It all begins with a discomfort in the mouth because there is an infected tooth that is puffed up. The patient experiences mild to severe and vicious pain while chewing or biting. A lingering sensitivity to hot or cold will also be felt.  At times, the gums or jaws also become swollen, deep decayed, and darkened. At this point, it is crucial to immediately see a dentist who conducts a proper assessment and eventually proposes all necessary treatments. Once evaluation reveals that the pulp of the tooth is infected, then patient, considering his dentist’s advice and evaluation must promptly decide how to take forward with a root canal procedure.

How Root Canal Treatment Can Save the Teeth?

Root canal treatment plays a vital role in saving teeth. According to surveys, millions of teeth are being treated and saved this way each year. This is one method used by dentists to avoid unwarranted abstractions. This procedure protects the tooth from future infections too. Patients’ first notion about this procedure is extremely scary, painful, and an unsavory treatment. Therefore, several patients are still agitated in getting a root canal treatment. On the contrary, because of the advances in dentistry techniques and sedation options, root canal has been transformed into a pain-free and straightforward procedure. As patients would describe, root canal treatment is as less agonizing than traditional extractions. It is relatively painless and is enormously effective.

While root canal treatment is being performed to remove the infected pulp from the inside of the tooth, the procedure is being executed under a local anesthesia; hence the patient’s tooth and gums are comfortable during the procedure. Once the diseased pulp is removed, the infected tooth is then cleaned thoroughly after which, a special rubbery material, called gutta-percha is filled and sealed inside the disinfected tooth. A restorative element such as crown or filling is then applied to the tooth so that the patient will be able to bite normally, chew efficiently and continue with his life as he always has. This is just one of the many benefits of this procedure. Patients typically recover completely from the treatment within 24 to 48 hours.

Is it worth having root canal treatment?

Definitely. First, it saves a tooth and with proper dental hygiene, it can even last a lifetime without any further issues. Second, it gets rid of the pain, discomfort, and infection in the mouth. Within a day or two, after the infected pulp is removed and the tooth is cleaned from the inside, the patient starts living his normal life again like nothing ever happened. Third, root canal treatment includes crowning of the tooth as a curative factor. This crowning can then cover the discoloration of the tooth due to infections, decay, or damage. Some discolorations, as we all know, do not respond to teeth whitening. Crowning can indeed, significantly improve the appearance of the tooth as it can also be color-matched with the rest of the teeth to give patients a natural looking smile. As a matter of fact, some patients even claim that their teeth look even better after getting a root canal treatment and crowning. Fourth, with root canal treatment, patients can save their teeth instead of getting them extracted, allowing them to undergo other procedures such as dental implants should they wish to proceed with such. Fifth, as root canal treatment is being carried out as soon as possible, it immediately treats the infection inside the tooth, thus, the patient can be sure that the infection will not further disseminate to other parts of the mouth or body. As what has been always underlined, most of the acute health problems usually start with dental or oral infections; hence, root canal can be concluded as efficient and effective. Lastly, root canal treatment is being covered by numerous dental insurance providers, therefore; we can consider this procedure as economical.

Where do I get Root Canal Treatment in Abu Dhabi?

Root canal, being outlined as painful and expensive is an erroneous mimicry. We have proven that such procedure is, pain-free and cost effective. If you are suffering from the mentioned symptoms of root canal infection, feel free to contact Vision Dental Clinic in Abu Dhabi. We are more than happy to help.

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