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How To Prepare Your Child On Their Fist Dentist Visit?

Preparing your children on their first dentist visit is a startup. As it is known, every start on is always critical. On the contrary, beginning to step in on this lifetime routine of your children is considered a milestone for you as parents.

According to a study conducted by The American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the first dental visit should happen within 6 months after the first tooth appears. Canadian Dental Association, in addition, recommends that babies should see a dentist within 6 months of cutting their first tooth or at age 1. These studies clearly show that you must start establishing good oral habits with your children super soon.


The sooner your children become cognizant on how to take care of their oral health, the more likely they are to avoid dental problems such as cavities and decay. An early visit gives the dentist an opportunity to spot and fix any dental problem that is just about to ferment. Thus, the parents and dental professionals must be coherent and go hand in hand in making this happen.

Primary or deciduous teeth, commonly known as milk or baby teeth are your children’s first teeth. These are foremost as they play a major role in your children’s health and growth. They help them in facilitating healthy chewing, primarily. They hold space in the jaws; hence they contribute a lot in having a proper development and alignment of your children’s permanent teeth. Therefore, keeping these teeth healthy allows your children to stay on path as they learn how to smile with confidence over time.

Without further delay, let us now talk about some tips on how to prepare your children on their first dentist visit.

This first tip is the most important and the rest are all add-ons. What happens during the first visit is more of an informative and interactive session wherein your children will be toured around the clinic. It is, hence, desirable to arrive early so that they can get ample time to get used to the environment while playing with some toys in the area.  You, as parents will also be briefed with facts about the teeth of your children and how to establish techniques and habits to maintain good oral health. What needs to be highlighted here is that you must keep an upbeat attitude when you talk about the dentist on the day of the visit. You must make them feel comfortable by treating the appointment as something simple and safe. Talk about it in ways that they understand. You must ensure that they do not get scared; thus, avoid using words that contribute to anxiety such as pain, needle, hurt, etc. in responding to their inquiries.

Letting your children tag along with you on your dental visits also is a good idea because it lets them become familiar with the environment and even with the staffs. However, you must ensure that you are not nervous during your own dental appointment. What you feel is what you let your children feel. Watching videos and reading positive-sounding books about dental appointments is also advisable. It may also help to bring along a comfort item for your children, such as his/her favorite toy. Lastly, you must time it properly. Remember that your children have to be comfortable, well-rested, and in a good mood. Please be certain that they are not hungry and cranky.

If you do the above-mentioned tips, your children will certainly have a better attitude towards the dentist and the overall dental experience.

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