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Wisdom Teeth – Why It needs to be Removed?

Wisdom teeth is among the most common and used terms in the era of dentistry yet the least desired one because it needs to be extracted to elude from any complications. Wisdom tooth is the last to appear amongst your teeth. It is located at the back of your mouth and grows at a peculiar angle. It is considered a molar, the toughest and the widest tooth to grind. Over time, the number of people with missing wisdom tooth surges significantly. According to theory, our jaws have changed over the years due to the evolution of our diet from raw and unrefined to cooked and processed foods; hence wisdom tooth had become of no use. As our brain became bigger and our jaws became smaller, wisdom tooth had no enough space to come out from the gum.


Taking a wisdom tooth out is a precaution. Dentists claim that because a wisdom tooth erupts and becomes stuck below the surface of your gums, it can damage nearby teeth. As it also grows partially through the gum, there is no possibility to clean it. As a result, bacteria get wedged around it and the nearby teeth will then be vulnerable to decay and some serious infections. Wisdom tooth can also result in pain and swelling.

As simple as it may seem, wisdom tooth extraction is not a child’s play. As it can lead to severe problems, you must ensure to discuss with an oral surgeon should you decide to get your wisdom tooth removed. While it is a rule that the extraction should merely be simple, it is just one of the many cases. Others are rooted deep down in the bone, close to the nerve and therefore, need thorough procedure.


Consultation Before Extraction of Wisdom Tooth

Vision Dental Clinic in Abu Dhabi is here to help. We offer a comprehensive package from consultation to diagnostical investigations. Dr. Hussien, our finest dental surgeon will perform an in-depth examination of your case during your dental consultation. Diagnostical procedures such as panoramic X-ray and 3D scan will also be carried out to know the exact positioning of the wisdom tooth. He will then be able to proceed accordingly and advise you with the type of extraction required, the duration, and some instructions after surgery. The treatment plan will also be discussed with you and once you agree, the surgeons will carry on with the removal. Feel free to highlight all your questions and concerns as he will be taken into consideration. The procedure is not at all painful as it is being performed with the use of anesthesia.

Recovery Period After Removal of Wisdom Tooth.

After a wisdom tooth is removed, you may notice a small amount of bleeding. You may experience pain and discomfort when opening your jaw. There maybe bruising and swelling too in your gums and tooth socket where the tooth was extracted. In most cases, recovery takes 48 hours. To dodge from any possible infections after surgery, you must follow the post-operative instructions given by the clinic. You must limit your physical activity. Implementing a good and healthy oral hygiene post extraction also plays a big role. Use a special surgical brush in cleaning the area of the extraction. To avoid bacteria to ferment, rinse your mouth few times a day with warm water with salt. Lastly, avoid smoking during the first 7 days after extraction. A follow up appointment 5 to 7 days after procedure is also arranged at Vision Dental Clinic to ensure fast and effective healing.

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