dental implants in Abu Dhabi

Dental Implants in Abu Dhabi

Where to Get Dental Implants in Abu Dhabi,
Procedure and Maintenance

Are you fed up with using your uncomfortable and unaesthetic removable dentures? Are you looking for a reliable, durable and esthetically pleasant replacement option for your missing teeth? Then dental implants are your best option. But what makes them the most suitable option for replacing missing teeth? Continue reading to find out.

What are Dental Implants?

An implant is a screw-shaped fixture made from Titanium alloys that are surgically inserted into the jaw bone. The implant, once inserted, serves as the root component, which can support one or more artificial teeth.

One of the best things about dental implants is their ability to promote bone formation around them. As a result, the implants become firmly anchored in the bone just like the natural teeth and provide a solid foundation for the attachment of a suitable prosthesis such as a crown, removable denture, or a bridge.

Who Can Benefit from Dental Implants?

Generally, any healthy individual who has lost one or more teeth is a candidate for getting implants. At Vision Dental Clinic, Dr. Hussien Tahoun recommends dental implants in the following cases:

  • Not Satisfied with Current Prosthesis – If you are not satisfied with the fit and esthetics of your existing removable dentures or fixed bridges.
  • Single Missing Tooth – If you have lost a single tooth, then we will replace it by placing an implant that supports a single crown.
  • Multiple Teeth Replacement – at Vision Dental Clinic, we use a single implant for replacing up to three or four missing natural teeth by using an implant-supported denture or fixed bridge.
  • Replacement of All Teeth in a Jaw – another great feature of dental implants is that a single implant can support multiple artificial teeth. Therefore, if you have lost all teeth in a jaw, there is no need for placing an implant for each missing tooth. Rather, Dr. Hussien will insert only four implants to support a complete fixed bridge, which is an aesthetically and functionally superior alternative to the conventional complete dentures. Such a prosthesis is known as an all-on-four implant-supported denture.


What are the Procedure for Getting Dental Implants in Abu Dhabi?

If you are looking for the best Oral Surgeon in Abu Dhabi for getting implants, then you have come to the right place. Our Maxillofacial and Implantology Consultant Dr. Hussien Tahoun has over 30 years of dentistry experience, including implant dentistry. At Vision Dental Clinic, replacement of missing teeth with implants involves the following steps:


During the first appointment, Dr. Hussien will perform a detailed examination of your teeth. He will also evaluate the study models and x-ray images of your teeth to assess your oral health condition, and then prepare a detailed treatment plan that is fully customized according to your dental needs. Dr. Hussien will also inform you regarding the number of implants, and the type of artificial teeth which will be needed for replacing your missing teeth. During the consultation appointment, you can also ask Dr. Hussien regarding any concerns or questions you have about the treatment.

3D Implant Planning:

When patient will decide to do implant, intra oral scans will be taken for his teeth, with CBCT x-rays to be used in Implant Studio which is digital software for implant planning, after that scans will be aligned with CBCT x-rays to get correct implant positioning and implant types and size according bone level and bone status, that will us to have perfect Crown design further on. After approving the design implant stent or surgical guide will be printed by 3d implant printer to be send to doctor to use it in implant surgery.

Implant Insertion:

During the next appointment, Dr. Hussien will insert the implants at a pre-determined position. Implant insertion is a simple procedure, which is carried out under the effect of local anesthesia to make sure that you remain comfortable and pain-free during the procedure. First, an incision will be made over the soft tissues to expose the underlying bone. Next, Dr. Hussien will make a hole in the bone and carefully insert the implant into position. A healing collar is placed over the implant to ensure the uninterrupted healing of the surgical site.

Healing Phase:

After the surgical procedure, it usually takes three to six months for the implants to become fully integrated with the surrounding bone. During this phase, Dr. Hussien will give you temporary dentures or a bridge to ensure that your facial esthetics are not affected, and you can eat and speak without difficulty.

Restorative Phase:

After the healing phase, Dr. Hussien will perform a clinical and x-ray examination of the surgical site to ascertain whether complete healing has taken place. If optimal healing has taken place, Dr. Hussien will attach a suitable prosthesis on the implants, depending on the number of teeth that need to be restored, such as a crown, bridge or denture.

Is Implant Insertion Procedure Painful?

Dental implant insertion is a surgical procedure. However, Dr. Hussien performs this procedure under the effect of local anesthesia so that you do not feel any pain and remain comfortable and relaxed. In the case of extremely apprehensive patients or those who have a low pain threshold, Dr. Hussien may choose to perform the procedure under conscious sedation.


All are Implant Operations Successful?

Among all tooth replacement options, dental implants have the highest success rate. According to the American College of Prosthodontics (ACP), dental implants have a success rate of over 90-95%. The high success rate of implants is attributed to the high strength and durability of the titanium alloys, and their capability to promote bone formation around them. In this way, they become integrated within the bone just like the natural teeth. Vision Dental Clinic uses Straumann The World\’s Number 1 Brand for dental implant materials.

How to Care for the Dental implants?

Dental implants require similar maintenance as your own teeth. If you look after your natural and implant-supported teeth properly, you can expect them to last for a lifetime. To look after your implants, you need to do the following:

  • Oral Hygiene Maintenance – brush your teeth and floss regularly.
  • Regular Checkup Visits – make sure you visit us at Vision Dental Clinic regularly so that we can closely monitor the health of your natural teeth and implants.

Dental implants are extremely strong and durable. Not only this, implants look and feel just like your own teeth. Therefore, in addition to getting a naturally beautiful and attractive smile, you can enjoy your favorite foods, and speak without any difficulty. What more can you ask for?

So, are you ready to transform your smile with dental implants? Visit the best dental clinic in Abu Dhabi today! Dr. Hussien Tahoun at the Vision Dental Clinic has over 30 years of dentistry experience and has extensive experience in the management of all dental problems, especially cosmetic and implant dentistry.

So, say goodbye to your old and inconvenient dentures today and let us give you a healthy, lasting and attractive smile with dental implants.

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