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Wonder, why you are more prone to cavities

Cavities or ‘dental caries’ as they are known in the world of Dentistry occur due to certain bacteria present in your mouth. In the presence of carbohydrates/sugar, these bacteria produce acid that destroys the tooth’s enamel and the layer under it, the dentin.

Following are the reasons why you may be more prone to cavities:

Foods that cling to your teeth

Starchy foods, refined carbohydrates such as bread, pasta or chips and biscuits, sugary snacks, milk, honey, ice cream etc. are more likely to cause cavities than food that wash away easily with your saliva. Hence, if your consumption of the above stated food is high, you are definitely at a higher risk of cavities!


Not brushing and flossing adequately

Brushing your teeth for two minutes, twice a day is a must. One minute each for the upper and lower set. Learning to brush using the correct tooth brushing technique is equally important. Not doing so leads to food lodgment, plaque accumulation and subsequently cavity formation and gum inflammation. If you are one of those people who don’t brush your teeth twice and floss regularly, then beware of cavities!

Fillings that wear out or are chipped

We need to understand and realize that fillings don’t last forever and may wear out or chip off. The worn-out filling could lead to the development of rough or poorly adapted margins which in turn could lead to food lodgment and plaque accumulation. The plaque which builds up in such corners is extremely difficult to remove. This ultimately leads to secondary dental infections/decay. If you don’t head the advice of your dentist and get your old fillings replaced, you are at risk of exposing your tooth to re-infection. We at Vision Dental Clinic believe in long lasting, aesthetic restorations and are proud to be an ‘amalgam-free’ dental clinic. However, we believe that all fillings need to be checked periodically and may need replacement after 5-7 years.

Dry mouth

Saliva helps to wash off food debris stuck onto your teeth and inhibits plaque formation. Hence, people with a dry mouth could see various dental issues emerge which lead to tooth decay/cavities. There are various reasons why a person might have dry mouth. It could be due to prescription medicines, diabetes or even genetics. A dentist however will work out a plan to tackle such situations and prevent your teeth from decaying.


Teeth Grinding

Something which many people don’t or never realize until and unless someone tells you about it. Reason being, this scenario occurs when people are asleep or when they experience immense stress. Grinding leads to tooth decay as the grinding wears off the protective enamel of the teeth. It is preventable with the help of a mouth guard specifically known as the ‘night guard’ or ‘bite guard’. Ignoring this para functional habit may cause damage to your teeth!

Always remember, the best way to tackle tooth decay is to visit your dentist at regular intervals. This not only prevents tooth decay but also keeps your teeth in optimal condition.

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