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How your dental health is Linked to your diet?

Growing up, we were always reminded or warned not to eat too many sweets since they lead to tooth decay. However, nowadays our diet includes a large numbers of sugar coated snacks, sweetened sodas and other junk food which affect our teeth. These sweets have little or no nutritional value at all.

What exactly happens when we eat sugar?

When sugar encounters the bacteria in our mouth, acid is produced which leads to tooth decay.

Food stuffs that contain sugar of any kind could lead to tooth decay. However, sugar is also naturally present in fruits and vegetables. This doesn’t mean you cut down on them.

We as people should stay away from food stuffs containing added sugar.

To maintain good oral health and diet, consumption of Five Food Groups is important:

  • Vegetables and legumes/beans.
  • Fruit
  • Grain (cereal) foods, mostly wholegrain and/or high cereal fiber varieties.
  • Lean meats and poultry, fish, tofu, seeds, eggs and nuts and legumes/beans.
  • Milk, yogurt, cheese and/or alternatives, mostly reduced fat.


Food eaten as part of a meal causes less harm as the saliva helps wash food from the mouth and reduces the effect of acids.

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